1. Jacob Wise
2. Jamal Al-Juan
3. Nicky-Jo Cardilla
4. Quinton Earley
5. Matt Paroff

We sold 70 cases for a total of $4644.00 worth of popcorn in which
we will keep 27.5% or $1277.10.
With the money we earned we will be purchasing and electronic
finish line for our Derby Track, as well as be able to continue
passing out achievment awards at no cost to our scouts.
In addition we hope to be able to purchase our Rain Gutter Regatta
kits for this spring and help defer some of the costs
of our Blue and Gold. I would personally like to thank everyone who helped make this our
best year yet for popcorn we exceeded last year by 74% in
total sales. Listed below are the names of those who recieved incentives for
selling and the prizes they chose.

NAME:                   AMOUNT SOLD    PRIZES
Matt Paroff                 $240.00       Patch, Knife
Quinton Earley              $279.00       Patch, Knife, Compass
Chris Cremer                $ 10.00           
Nicky Joe Cardilla          $398.00       Patch, Knife, Soccer Ball  
Freddie	Bangs               $168.00       Patch, Knife
Jamal Al-Jauni              $511.00       Patch, Knife, Compass
*Jacob Wise                 $589.00       Patch, Knife, Compass,
                                          Electronic Fishing Game
Daniel Cooley               $100.00       Patch
Rudy Sianez                 $ 78.00       Patch
Jordan Pipka                $ 94.00       Patch
Joshua Hooker               $109.00       Patch
Brian Blair                 $151.00       Patch, Knife
David Singleton             $ 58.00
Michael	Smith               $ 82.00       Patch
Tony Christensen            $206.00       Patch, Knife
Scott DeArmon               $234.00       Patch, Knife
Matt Cael                   $198.00       Patch, Flashlight
Zak Paroff                  $226.00       Patch, Knife
Michael	Wu                  $ 44.00
Taylor Hogue                $ 35.00
Adrian Sianez               $ 83.00       Patch
Joe Munoz                   $ 38.00
William	Tann                $ 73.00
Matthew	Monroe              $190.00       Patch, Knife

Congratulation to everyone again.

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