September 1998 Newsletter

October 1998 Newsletter

Tiger Cubs

Wolf Den

Bear Den

Webelos 1

Webelos "Dragon Den"

Popcorn Results

Service Project

Pinewood Derby

PACK 831

Cub Master Ginger Taub
Tiger Cub Leader James Wise
Wolf Den Leader Gil Taub
Bear Den Leader Mark Earley
Webelos 1 Leader Randy Pipka
Webelos 2 Leaders Ginger and Gil Taub


October 8, 1998 Imagine That! November 12, 1998 Stop the Presses! December 10, 1998 Let's Celebrate! January 14, 1999 Cubstruction! February 11, 1999 Baloo and Gold! March 18, 1999 Get Away to the Orient!

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